KD Public Relations

KD Public Relations is prepared to meet your needs one-on-one. The competitive advantage for the 21st century will belong to the businesses and organizations that are keenly aware of the value of promoting their product or service. We specialize in placing your business on the map and making it a success with the use of Public Relations, Event Marketing and Advertising.

KD PR begins each project by assessing the clients needs and objectives to determine the best marketing strategy. We then proceed with a plan designed to achieve these goals. Our consultants provide high-level, cost-efficient professional services. KD PR clients include large and small businesses both profit and non-profit.

Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Developing story concepts
  • Creating photo opportunities
  • Maintaining media contact
  • Generating press releases
  • Planning & executing special events
  • Corporate contributions and grants
  • Advertising Development
  • Develop media plans
  • Plan long-term advertising strategies
  • Design advertising campaigns
  • Marketing/Creative Services
  • Develop total marketing plans
  • Art design and layout
  • Commercial production of brochures, newsletters, booklets, ads